Roll With It Book Summary By Jamie Sumner

Jamie Sumner’s Roll With It is an inspiring tale of resilience, family and friendship. The story serves as a powerful metaphor for embracing the process of change and emerging with newfound strength.

Through this captivating narrative, Sumner offers readers a valuable insight into the power of empowerment and the need to overcome difficult challenges in order to grow. Her writing style is direct yet poetic, creating vivid imagery that draws readers in and encourages them to take action in their own lives.

Roll With It is a book that speaks directly to readers’ desire for liberation, urging them to roll with life’s changes rather than fight against them. Sumner shows us how we can become strong despite our struggles, making her message resonant and impactful.

Overview of the Story

This story follows a young girl as she attempts to navigate life with cerebral palsy.

Through her journey, readers gain an understanding of the complex emotions related to living with a disability, and how embracing change can lead to inclusionary diversity.

The protagonist is faced with many difficult decisions as she learns about accepting herself for who she is, which brings an uplifting message that everyone has something special to offer the world.

Her courage and determination show that even in the face of adversity there are always opportunities for growth and progress.

Along the way, readers are reminded to be open-minded when it comes to embracing differences and how important it is strive for inclusionary diversity within our communities.

Themes of Resilience, Family and Friendship

Through the use of symbolism, the novel illustrates the importance of resilience, family and friendship in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Roll With It follows protagonist Ella as she discovers that her entire life has been a lie—her father is actually her mother’s former foster brother. Feeling betrayed and confused, Ella must find new ways to cope with this newfound knowledge.

As she slowly develops supportive relationships with both her mother and father, Ella learns to embrace their past differently than before. Her close relationship with her best friend Tessa also helps her to build connections and trust with those around her despite all of the turmoil in her life.

The story demonstrates how resilient Ella can be when faced with difficult challenges such as changing schools after being bullied or having to start over in a place where nobody knows who she is. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of family bonds even if things have changed drastically between them due to lies or secrets revealed from one generation to another.

Lastly, it shows how true friendships can help someone overcome any obstacle by providing encouragement and support throughout their journey.

All these themes are intertwined within Roll With It, making it an inspiring read for young adults struggling to face similar circumstances in their own lives.

Valuable Life Lessons

Roll With It offers readers valuable life lessons on resilience, family and friendship which can be used to cope with difficult circumstances.

The overarching theme of the book is that no matter how tough life may seem, it is possible to find inner strength and courage to overcome obstacles.

Through her protagonist Ella’s journey, Jamie Sumner illustrates the importance of accepting change and learning from mistakes in order to move forward and grow.

Ella learns that when facing a challenge, it is important to look for solutions instead of dwelling on the problem. She also discovers that she can rely on her friends, family and community for strength and support during difficult times.

This demonstrates the power of connection and how having strong relationships can help you stay resilient even in the midst of chaos.

As Ella grows throughout her journey, she also learns to embrace her flaws and find joy in little things, such as spending time with loved ones or looking at clouds in different shapes.

These meaningful life lessons impart a sense of hope for anyone struggling through hard times who needs a reminder that anything is possible if you stay true to yourself.

Powerful Message of Empowerment

By illustrating the importance of resilience, family and friendship in overcoming adversity, Roll With It conveys a powerful message of empowerment to readers.

Through its main character, eleven-year-old Ellie, the novel provides insight into the struggles faced by those with learning disabilities, body image issues and physical disabilities. This book is an inspiring story of how someone with such challenges can overcome them and find strength to move forward despite feeling overwhelmed.

The novel also emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and self-love when dealing with mental health issues. Ellie’s journey demonstrates that it is okay to ask for help from friends and family when facing difficult times.

In addition, her story highlights how being brave enough to own one’s truth can lead to greater freedom from any limitations imposed by society or oneself. By providing a safe space for readers to explore their emotions without judgement or expectations, Roll With It reinforces its empowering message that no obstacle is insurmountable if one has the courage to fight for what they believe in.

Sumner’s Writing Style

Jamie Sumner’s writing style in Roll With It is characterized by its strong emphasis on self-acceptance and resilience. Through her use of vivid imagery and descriptive language, the reader is able to feel the emotions that Ellie goes through as she navigates a world full of unexpected changes.

Sumner also incorporates humor into her writing, which adds levity to difficult topics like dealing with adversity and embracing change. Her use of simple yet powerful vocabulary helps bring out the themes of strength and courage despite hardships, which resonates deeply with readers.

The impactful message underlying Sumner’s writing comes from her ability to relate her own experiences to those of the protagonist. By doing this, she is able to give voice to those facing similar situations while providing hope for a brighter future.

Overall, Sumner’s writing style provides an inspiring outlook that encourages readers to accept their circumstances and find ways to move forward no matter how daunting their situation may seem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other books has Jamie Sumner written?

Jamie Sumner is an author with a background in creative writing and education.

She has written several books, including ‘Roll With It’ (2020), ‘The Extraordinaries’ (2019), and ‘Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery’ (2018).

Her style of writing is characterized by its emotional impact, vivid descriptions of settings, and heartfelt exploration of the main characters’ inner lives.

Sumner’s work often speaks to readers who are looking for liberation from their everyday lives through stories that move them emotionally.

Are there any related activities or resources related to Roll with It?

A recent survey conducted by the National Parenting Association found that over 70% of parents are looking for support in providing their children with emotional support.

In response to this need, ‘Roll With It’ author Jamie Sumner has created a collection of activities and resources related to inclusive parenting. These include age-appropriate activities, worksheets, videos, and podcasts that are designed to help families foster emotional intelligence and create supportive environments for their children.

Sumner’s resources combine evidence-based strategies with practical advice on how to implement them in everyday life. Through her work, she hopes to equip parents with the tools they need to provide their children with the emotional support they deserve.

Is there a movie or television adaptation of Roll with It?

Roll with It, a novel by Jamie Sumner, has yet to be adapted into either a movie or television series.

This is notable because the book features an engaging narrative about accessibility challenges and disability representation that could easily translate to the screen in an impactful way.

However, its lack of adaptation is indicative of a larger issue within the media industry; disabled characters are still often relegated to being tokenized or used for inspiration rather than being portrayed as nuanced individuals with agency.

As such, it would be beneficial for Roll With It to receive an adaptation that accurately reflects Sumner’s vision and provides viewers with a more meaningful experience.

What age range is Roll with It appropriate for?

Roll with It, written by Jamie Sumner, is an inclusionary and empowering middle-grade novel with a powerful message of disabled representation.

Appropriate for readers aged 8 – 12, this story is subtly inspiring and encouraging while exploring universal themes of acceptance, understanding, and resilience.

In the book, readers are presented with a unique juxtaposition between the main character’s life pre-disability diagnosis versus post-diagnosis as she navigates her way through the physical world.

With its engaging style that conveys an underlying subconscious desire for liberation from judgement or feeling excluded due to disability status, Roll with It provides a positive outlook for young readers looking for stories about overcoming obstacles in life.

Is there a sequel to Roll with It?

Attitude shifts and emotional growth are salient themes in the novel ‘Roll with It’ by Jamie Sumner.

The book does not have a sequel, however readers are given an opportunity to explore the challenges of growing up and facing difficult situations.

Through its characters, the book encourages an attitude shift toward more positive thinking and helps readers understand how to navigate their own emotions.

The story also provides readers with a subconscious desire for liberation from whatever challenges they may be facing at any given moment.


Jamie Sumner’s Roll With It is an inspiring story about resilience and overcoming adversity. Through the protagonist’s journey, readers pick up valuable life lessons such as the power of family, friendship, and self-empowerment.

The protagonist learns that no matter how insurmountable a problem may seem, there is always hope and strength to be found within. To illustrate this point, one poignant moment in the book has the protagonist losing her ability to walk but finding joy in being able to roll around on her own two feet again.

This metaphor of rolling with it serves as a reminder that despite whatever challenges life throws at us, if we keep moving forward we can find our way back to our feet. Sumner’s writing style captures these emotions beautifully, creating an engaging read filled with both heartache and hope.

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